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If You Don't Know, Now You Know- Our Favorite Travel Tips and Tricks

When you plan escapes as often as we do, you pick up some insider secrets along the way. We love to be in the loop, and we want to pass our favorite tips and tricks along to our readers. Everyone has preferences when they're traveling, and some predilections are more widely shared. When we're staying in a hotel, we want our accommodations to meet, if not, exceed our standards. We like our room to check off as many boxes as possible from our list of "nice-to-haves." You might assume that, aside from the room category you reserved, the specific room you check into is merely the luck of the draw. That notion is almost always incorrect. So, how do you get the room you want? You set yourself apart from the long line of other guests waiting to check in. Of course, you want to be patient, pleasant, and appreciative to those in the hospitality industry, always. Sadly, good old-fashioned manners will often make you stand out as a customer. We like to take this a step further, and we hand our front desk agent $20 along with our ID and credit card. A simple, "This is for you. We appreciate anything extra you can offer us today," will go a long way. Do you prefer a high or low floor? Close to the elevator or not? A room with a view of the city? A late check out? What about a complimentary upgrade? If a room that meets your specifications is available, that is where you'll be staying.

Now that your hotel room is handled, we need to be sure that the rest of your escape caters to your particular proclivities. Of course, the obvious first step is to let us curate a custom itinerary for you. How do we know all the best establishments? Why do our friends and family come to us for recommendations? 1) We have decades of experience in food service, hospitality, customer service, and research. We have discerning palates, high standards, and reasonable expectations. 2) Trial and error. We've visited these cities time and time again. We have our tried and true spots that offer a consistent, high quality experience at a great value, and we're constantly looking for new ones to add to the repertoire. 3) Finally, our favorite strategy: Outsourcing. Ask your bartender, rideshare driver, server, seat neighbor, and/or concierge, "Where do you like to eat in the city? What's a popular spot right now? What's overrated?" If you poll enough people, you'll start to see patterns in their responses, and that will lead you in the right direction.

You have the who, when, and where of your trip covered. Check out our Packing List page to see *what* items we never travel without. We tend to travel the most in August, and we have a remedy for every heat related issue you'll potentially face while on vacation. We've also tested every hangover cure, excuse me, "hydration powder packet" on the market and found the best one. Like the rest of our site, we'll be updating this page with our latest and greatest finds, so be sure to check back often.

Thank you for sticking with us to the very end of this post. To show our gratitude, we'll offer you our guaranteed tip to ensure that your next escape is your best one yet. Subscribe to our site, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and, please, don't hesitate to reach out if we can develop a custom escape plan just for you.


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