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Discover Your Ultimate Atlantic City & Las Vegas Experience: Custom Itineraries, Guides, and Exclusive Merchandise!"



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Atlantic City
Las Vegas
Image by Dan Mall
  • What are the top attractions/activities in Atlantic City?
    Some of the top attractions in Atlantic City include the 1. Iconic Boardwalk 2. Absecon Lighthouse 3. Steel Pier amusement park and the Wheel 4. The Lucky Snake Arcade 5. Island Water Park 6. North Beach Mini Golf
  • How Many Casinos are there In Atlantic City?
    Casinos on the Boardwalk Bally's Atlantic City Caesars Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City Ocean Casino Resort Resorts Casino Hotel Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City Off the Boardwalk (Marina) Borgata Golden Nugget Atlantic City Harrah's
  • Can you swim in the ocean in Atlantic City?
    Absolutely! Atlantic City is not just about hitting the jackpot at the casinos. Be sure to pack your sunscreen, shades, and swimwear, and enjoy the free, clean beaches of Atlantic City.
  • Is it legal to drink alcohol on the Atlantic City Beach?
    YES!!! Cheers to Atlantic City's lively spirit and the freedom to savor your favorite adult beverages on the boardwalk and beach! Legislation signed in 2020 says, "Hey folks, you can have a blast with an open container in designated spots within the Atlantic City Tourism District." So, as you stroll along the iconic boardwalk or bask in the sun on the sandy shores, raise your glass and enjoy the city's delightful cocktails and drinks without a worry!
  • What are the Best Restaurants in Atlantic City?
    Here is a list of OUR favorite restaurants in Atlantic City: Seafood Dock's Oyster House Pizza Tony's Baltimore Grill Tony Boloney's Steak House Knife and Fork Ocean Steak (Formerly known as American Cut) Italian Café 2825 Rhythm and Spirits Beer Bar Wingcraft Tennessee Ave Beer Hall Brewery (Beer Only) The Seed: A Living Beer Project Distillery (Liquor Only) Little Water Distillery
  • How far is Atlantic City from New York City?
    Atlantic City is approximately 125 miles south of New York City. The driving time between the two cities is usually around 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on traffic.
  • What is Atlantic City known for?
    Atlantic City, the shimmering jewel of the East Coast, is known for a wild ride of excitement, glitzy casinos, and a boardwalk that oozes nostalgia like an old-school jukebox! But hey, let's not forget about its mouthwatering culinary scene that'll tickle your taste buds in the most delightful way possible! Step into Docks Oyster House, where the seafood dances on your plate like a sea shanty come to life. Or swing by Tonys Baltimore Grill, where the pizzas are so good, you'll wonder if they've sprinkled magic in the cheese! Oh, and let's not ignore the tantalizing row of bars and foodie havens on Tennessee Ave, a culinary playground where taste is king and cravings bow down! So, whether you're up for winning big on the casino floor or experiencing a foodie journey that'll make your stomach shout, "Jackpot!", Atlantic City's got you covered. This sparkling destination will leave you spellbound, and trust me, you won't want to fold on these fantastic flavors
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