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Party People

"Experience the Best of Both Worlds: 2 Nights in Atlantic City"



Estimated Prices are a per person calculation.


Day 1

Check In

Ocean Casino

Ocean Casino in Atlantic City is like a breath of fresh sea air in a world of stuffy casinos


Day 1


Bar 32

Indulge in post-dinner decadence at our bean-to-bar chocolate bar, where the martinis are as smooth as cocoa


Day 2


Top Golf

Need a pick-me-up? Mid-afternoon calls for activity, mule cocktails, and birthday milkshakes


Day 2


Wild Honey

Fuel up with finger-lickin' good chicken tenders, hush puppies & Bullet Bourbon Mojitos at Wild Honey BBQ. Liquid courage sold separately.


Day 3


Tony Boloney's

Tony Boloney's in Atlantic City is a sandwich spot that cures hangovers with their outrageous creations. From "Bad Leroy" with brisket, goat cheese and beet horseradish to the Bastardo fries loaded with chipotle and string cheese, they're a wild ride for your taste buds. Just don't blame them if you're still seeing double - that's on you.


Day 1

Happy Hour

American Cut

Went to a steakhouse happy hour and couldn't resist indulging in their delicious cocktails. No regrets.


Day 2


Maria's Luncheonette

Cure your hangover blues with our clucking good chicken waffles and loaded omelets! Your taste buds will thank you, your headache won't.


Day 2

Liquor before beer

Little Water

Start with liquor before beer, have no fear at Little Water Distillery! Sip on crafty cocktails like Notorious F.I.G and Front Porch Punch.


Day 2

Late Night Karaoke

Planet Rose Tropicana

Chairry guards the ultimate karaoke gem - a hidden spot for the brave and bold! Sing your heart out!


Day 1


Docks Oyster House

Kick off your weekend with a claw-some dinner at Dock's Oyster House - soft shell crabs, extra dirty martinis, and seafood towers


Day 2

Afternoon Coffee


Nice non-alcohol break


Day 2


The Seed

Distillery done, head to the brewery in Atlantic City for unique and creative beers. With bold IPAs and flavorful stouts, their selection satisfies beer lovers.


Day 2

Late Night

Baltimore Grill

"When the night comes to a close, it's time to head to Tonys Baltimore Grill, where the lighting is as dim as your hopes and dreams. Don't forget to order their signature clams casino pizza and a draft beer from The Seed Brewery, or if you're feeling wild, just a Pepsi. Cheers to regrettable decisions and questionable choices!"

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