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Support Small with Standout Style: The Story Behind Our Atlantic City Apparel Shop

We started The Escape Plans to guide people to the best, often overlooked, points of interest in Atlantic City. Small businesses in Atlantic City are the heart and soul of the town, and we are passionate about highlighting as many of them as we can in our blog and social media posts. A small business ourselves, we have been trying to offset our operating costs in a way that would support our mission to promote our favorite destination. As a result, our online shop was born. We love using clothing as a vehicle to promote Atlantic City because of the visibility. Think of how many people you pass by in a single day. Your fashion choices communicate a message to each of them without saying a word.

By teaching ourselves how to screen print our own handmade Atlantic City t-shirts and hoodies, we are in complete control of each and every item that leaves our workshop. We can guarantee a high quality, consistent product; short turnaround times; and low manufacturing costs, resulting in a low cost to our customers.

We have thoughtfully selected Bella Canvas unisex 100% airlume combed cotton jersey tees for all of our t-shirts and JustHoods 80% cotton/20% polyester unisex college hooded sweatshirts for all of our hoodies. We’ve personally tested the most popular apparel brands on the market and find these strike the perfect balance of comfort, fit, and value. We use only water-based ink, which is more biodegradable than traditional solvent-based inks, and, as a result, is more environmentally friendly. 

Our exclusive designs are Atlantic City inspired, capturing the essence of the city’s grit, resilience, beauty, and individuality. Some of our designs even include our own photographs of past and present Atlantic City landmarks. Our hand screen printed logos often include intentional distress, creating one-of-kind art on each piece. Keep reading for more information about each item in our catalog. 


LOVE Atlantic City

Our very first design is our Love Atlantic City logo, featuring red script on a black tee or hoodie, inspired by the style of 80s icons like Traci Lords and Van Halen. We want to deliver a positive message about the city and all it has to offer, and Love Atlantic City has become our tagline. 


Rise Above Atlantic City

Our Rise Above design is the perfect choice to wear to a show at one of the many music venues throughout Atlantic City, with its vintage style and comfortable fit. This shirt is available in a rainbow of colors- there's something for every personality and individual aesthetic.


Atlantic Ave

Atlantic Avenue is home to many of our favorite small businesses in Atlantic City. We are celebrating our favorite block of all 48 by transforming a photo from the 1960s of the Atlantic Avenue street sign into our unique Atlantic Ave shirt design.


3 Signs of Atlantic City

Our 3 Signs of Atlantic City shirt uses direct-to-film transfer to showcase 3 of our own photos of the ever evolving Welcome to Atlantic City sign. Nothing is as exciting as the moment you see that sign and your much-anticipated trip to Atlantic City officially begins!


Wasted In AC

“There’s nothing to do in Atlantic City besides drinking and gambling.” We hear this A LOT. We’re on a mission to change the minds of these naysayers. And if we can’t beat ‘em? We’ll make fun of them a little with our tongue-in-cheek Wasted in Atlantic City tee.


The Anti Ocean City Collection

What do we love almost as much as Atlantic City? Making jokes about Ocean City and watching people lose their ever loving minds in the comments. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll enjoy our Anti Ocean City Club and The Consortium designs. If you don’t, we’ll find you a safe space until Mayonnaise Beach opens for the season.


Thank You Atlantic City

Discover our Atlantic City Thank You tee, a tribute to the heart of our iconic coastal city. It showcases a "thank you" grocery bag design, that honors and captures the Atlantic City spirit.


Retro Logo

Discover timeless charm with our limited run (only 15 ever printed) Atlantic City retro style t-shirt collection. Each tee boasts a distinctive flair as we craft unique prints using a blend of black, white, gold, and orange inks. Embrace individuality with our one-of-a-kind designs, capturing the essence of Atlantic City's vintage allure. 



Our Expressway t-shirt says a lot without you having to utter a word. Pressed in-house using direct-to-film transfer to ensure that, like Atlantic City, your t-shirt doesn't suck. This was one of our first creations, our very own coat of arms.


Waste Management

Our lightly distressed, golden hued Waste Management tee glimmers like the riches of the Atlantic City underworld.


Love Atlantic City-Heart Eyes

A new spin on our Love Atlantic City line, our Heart Eyes design features a lightly distressed art deco font, a nod to Atlantic City's 1920s heyday, and heart details reminiscent of your middle school notebook.


AC Beach Babe

It's hard to believe the halftone print on our AC Beach Babe shirt is accomplished using screen printing and not direct-to-film transfer. This timeless image of a sunbathing beauty embodies a carefree Atlantic City summer.

Elevate your wardrobe with one-of-a-kind items from our Atlantic City apparel shop. We pour all of our passion for our favorite city into every handmade piece. Look for our booth at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival at the Atlantic City Convention Center on Friday, April 12, from 8pm to 12am, and Saturday, April 13, from 12pm to 4pm and 6pm to 10pm. Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive discounts, detailed recommendations in our blog, free itineraries, and more! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive Atlantic City content. 

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