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A Superbowl "Sundee" to Remember- Your Game Day (or any day) Quick Atlantic City Escape

Updated: Jul 12, 2023


Philadelphia fans don’t do anything halfway. So, it should come as no surprise that these two Eagles supporters would drive 75 miles down I-95 to Atlantic City when we saw Tony Boloney’s offering new menu items, just in time for Super Bowl LVII. Not wanting to spend over 2 hours in the car just to grab takeout, and having that aforementioned proclivity for taking things to extremes, booked a table at Rhythm & Spirits for brunch.

After a long drive, and a long day still ahead of us, we stopped at Hayday Coffee for a pre-brunch pick-me-up. We watched the drizzling rain from inside the cozy cafe with the staple French toast latte and the seasonal special chocolate truffle latte. Our quick coffee break felt every bit of “easy like Sunday morning.”

A block north on Tennessee Avenue, Rhythm & Spirits partners with the neighboring Bar32 Chocolate to offer a chocolate themed brunch. The menu has evolved since our last reservation, so we ordered a few items to share. We started with an Intense Orange Old Fashioned and a Warlock, as well as a brunch board scattered with meats, cheeses, berries, dried apricots, a very appropriate Philly soft pretzel, and melted Bar32 chocolate for dipping. Our entrees were so good, we were reluctant to share more than a bite with each other. Our daughter devoured the Bar32 waffle, towering with vanilla ice cream, all the components for s’mores, brown butter cookie crumbles, and brownie crumbs (for good measure). My husband and I enjoyed the creamy carbonara with glazed Nueske bacon and the perfectly juicy, crispy southern fried chicken sandwich.

Although unsure how we’d manage to eat another meal later, and with just enough time to drive home and have a superstitious screening of Silver Linings Playbook before kickoff, we made our way to Tony Boloney’s to collect our ambitious takeout order. Mozzarella sticks have made their triumphant return to TB’s menu, and we opted for the sampler, which includes one each of original, flamin’ hot cheeto crusted, cacio e pepe, smoked mozzarella, and truffled sticks.

Brand new, and what lured us to AC, are the stoner mac balls. The perfect, dorito-crusted delights come 5 to an order and ooze with ditalini, buffalo sauce, smoked bacon, and mozzarella. The flamin’ hot sticks and stoner balls both make an appearance alongside a potato chip chicken cutlet, cool ranch, and more bacon in the Yeah Man hot sub. No Super Bowl is complete without wings, and we picked two kinds of sauces: tikka masala and habanero hot h

oney. Certain that we’ll be enjoying leftovers well into Monday, and unable to exit Tony Boloney’s without their triple-fried fries, we rounded out our order with the elote variety.

This exercise in gluttony isn't exclusive to Superbowl Sunday, Sundays

in general, or even game day. You can enjoy this quick escape any time you're feeling particularly snacky. We’re about

to take some preventive Pepcid AC, change into the bootleg Eagles tees we purchased from a table in a parking lot at Frankford and Morrell, enjoy some of our deep-fried buffet, and hope for the best. Go birds.

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